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The wonders of Jasmine

By Kate Maxey

I tend to use Jasmine essential oil a lot in the summer time. It has a light cooling scent that is great for summer time spritzers. So I wanted to put out some information on the uses of this amazing plant essential oil. I want to preface that this is one of the more expensive essential oils.  It has been calculated that no less than eight million Jasmine flowers go into each kilogram of Jasmine oil and it takes more than 700 flowers to make one gram of concentrate.  Together with Rose and Neroli, Jasmine has the honor of being one of the highest priced plant scents. It’s estimated that 99% of all “oil of Jasmine” that is sold today is synthetic. So be careful when picking out a jasmine oil, price and scent will let you know what is the true Jasmine or not. One to two milliliters usually goes for around $40.00.

Some of my favorite Jasmine essential oils are:

Simplers does a nice perfume oil as well:

Another fun solid perfume with Jasmine in it:

Jasmine Blossom

Essential oils can influence many aspects of the body, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Jasmine is great for all.

Physically it is good for nervous and reproductive system complaints. It is a nervous system sedative, reduces menstrual cramps and soothes headaches. It is also an aphrodisiac, and helps women who are dealing with sexual dysfunction or fears around sexuality.  And as far as skin health goes, it is great for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Making a massage oil by putting 2-3 drops of the essential oil in an ounce of base oil is a good way to utilize this medicine.

On the emotional/mental bodies, Jasmine has many uses. It helps in cases of insomnia, depression, anger, worry. It has a balancing quality and is useful when the mind is in conflict, especially when trying to make a decision. The scent calms, inspires, promotes love, creativity, intuition and sensuality. It unites and harmonizes opposites to promote wholeness. Jasmine has a very feminine energy to it, so whether you are a man or a woman, it is good when we need to connect more deeply with our feminine sides. It warms and opens the heart. It is an anti-depressant and produces a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria. By being an aphrodisiac and affecting our emotional centers it is an excellent choice for love rituals and it’s great blended with Sandal wood and Ylang Ylang for this purpose.

Cool South American Jasmine that smells like sweet bananas.

On the spiritual level some say that Jasmine welcomes the influence of angels and helps with spiritual guidance. It helps to open the mind to deeper truths. Meditating with the scent diffusing is a good way to play with Jasmine on the spiritual levels.

Guidance blend

Jasmine 4 drops

Lavender 3 drops

Cedarwood 2 drops

Put into a 2 ounce spritzer or massage oil.

Another one of my favorite blends with Jasmine is:

Juniper  4 drops

Frankincense   2 drops

Jasmine   3 drops

Cedarwood  3 drops

Put into a 4 ounce spritzer or massage oil.