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About All Things Herbal

Welcome to All Things Herbal!

Welcome to All Things Herbal!

Green Greetings!  We are two herbalists from the Northern California Redwood Coast who want to create, share, inspire, and connect through All Things Herbal!  Creating new herbal recipes, from bug balm’s –to fancy facial creams are a passion for us, and are an expression of our artistic natures.  We also wish to share the herbal knowledge that we have gained in each of our 15 years of practicing herbal medicine. With this we hope to inspire others to consider plant medicine as a valid tool, not only for vibrant health, but for radiant beauty as well.  And finally, we aspire to connect with all of you other herbalists and nature loving folks out there so that a community is created to keep the herbal tradition alive and growing evermore.

We hope you all enjoy!!

Kate and Jessica with wall of bulk herbs



About Jessica Shepherd

Jessica Shepherd has been studying the healing arts and working with plant medicine since 1999.  She’s a graduate of the Dandelion Herbal Center, and is also an Aromatherapist internationally certified through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.  Jessica has been blessed to study with acclaimed herbalists from around the country, and happily continues to regularly attend a wide variety of herbal conferences, classes, and gatherings.  For over a decade, she was fortunate to be the manager and staff herbalist of Humboldt Herbals and currently she helps the herb shop out seasonally as a staff herbalist.  Jessica is a passionate Wild-Crafter, Botanical Perfumer, and loves to create herbal body products being known for her Skin Nectars– the finest organic artisan creams.

Jessica and a basket full of nettles

To get in touch with Jessica you can send her an email to:


About Kate Maxey

Kate has been working with plant medicine for almost 15 years. She utilizes it for everything from colds and flus, to her beauty regime. She started studying with the Northwest School of Botanical Studies and from there studied with the East West School of Botanical Studies. Also, working at the herbal retail shop Humboldt Herbals, she picked up many skills doing what we like to call, “herbal triage”. As with most things though, practicing herbal medicine on herself and loved ones, is where the bulk of her knowledge has come from. She is the proprietor of Fawn Lily Herbals, a product line of natural perfumes, foot soaks and body scrubs. She is also a jeweler, who utilizes the healing power of stones and gems in her designs.

She is a passionate advocate for using not only herbal medicine , but proper nutrition as well, as a form of preventative medicine. So many of our modern day diseases are preventable, and through taking proper care of ourselves, we take our health back into our own hands. She loves to be in and explore nature, and feels that her connection to it keeps her healthy and sane in the fast pace world in which we live. She is excited to have this forum to share the knowledge that she has gained over the years and to hopefully inspire others to play in the plant realm with her.

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